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  • Eric Morago

IHSS Will Start Their EVV Program on September 1st. 2019. What You Need to Know!

Starting September 1st, 2019, IHSS will be implementing Electronic Visit Verification, and replacing paper timecards with their online system or by calling in via phone (you can choose which works best for you). A lot of people are already using their online timecard program (ESP), but for those who aren't, you should keep in mind that paper timesheets are going to be discontinued soon.

The EVV timesheets for providers will reflect one's start time (the time the first service begins on a day), end time (the time the last service is completed on a day), and location. Location is not a GPS tracking location. The options available to select from the Location Drop-Down Box are: Home, Community, or Both.

For more information regarding IHSS's new EVV system click HERE.

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