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What Services

Do We Provide?

CHOICESS is vendored by Regional Center to provide Supported Living Services (SLS), Community Integration Training (CIT), and Person-Centered Plan Writing Services. We also offer private pay training and consultations.

Supported Living Services (SLS) 

Supported Living Services consist of a broad range of services to adults with developmental disabilities who, through the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process, choose to live in homes they themselves own or lease in the community. SLS may include assistance with selecting and moving into a home; choosing personal attendants and housemates acquiring household furnishings; common daily living activities and emergencies; becoming a participating member in community life; managing personal financial affairs, as well as other supports.


These services help individuals exercise meaningful choice and control in their daily lives, including where and with whom they live. SLS is designed to foster individuals' nurturing relationships, full membership in the community, and work tear their long-range personal goals. Because these may be life-long concerns, Supported Living Services are offered for as long and as often as needed, with the flexibility required to meet a persons' changing needs over time, and without regard solely to the level of disability. Typically, a supported living service agency works with the individual to establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life in his or her own home. But it is also possible for some individuals to supervise their services themselves, to secure the maximum possible level of personal independence.

Community Integration Training (CIT)

Community Integration Training is designed to assist and support people with developmental disabilities to access activities outside the traditional group model and to become active participants in their communities through the activities of working, recreating, and doing business close to where they live.   CHOICESS is committed to assisting individuals to make their own choices; express their preferences and reach their own goals/outcomes and will provide support as often and for as long as it is needed. Job placement and training and related community support skills i.e., banking, shopping for work related items, accessing day classes at the local recreation center or community College, transportation training from work to other day time activity sites could be accomplished through the CHOICESS Community Integration Training.  The Community Integration Training could be provided mornings before day activities, afternoons, evenings and weekends for an individual with a typical schedule. However, if an individual happens to work evenings then Community Integration Training may be provided during the day.  For individuals that are not working or attending other day service programs, CHOICESS can design supports for that person for an individualized day service.  The make up of services will be projected based on the assessment done by CHOICESS and in conjunction with the Regional Center Service Coordinator.

Person-Centered Supports, Plan Writing 

& Other Services

CHOICESS provides mentoring and assistance to individuals and agencies who wish to know more about Supported Living Services and individualized, person-centered supports. We, as an agency, continue to strive to be a leader in the field though providing the best practices in inclusive services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their own homes and communities. CHOICESS offers consulting and/or training in the following areas:

Person-Centered Practices 


CHOICESS is vendored by Regional Center to provide Person-Centered Plan writing to individuals who have Self Determination and need a developed PCP in order to begin their program. We support individuals to have positive control in their life, where each person is valued, loved, and connected. CHOICESS can provide training and workshops, where a world works for all. We can also provide coaching in the area of person-centered strategies and plan facilitation.

Supported Living Services 

If you are looking to design a supported living service or need support within an existing SLS agency, CHOICESS can provide you with the coaching and mentoring to maintain and grow a culture that supports individuals to create meaning in their life.

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